MODELLAUNCHER changes it’s strategy, introduces a new lip product, and we open our biggest modeling contest yet!

MODELLAUNCHER unveils a change in strategy, a new lip product, and our biggest modeling contest yet!

modeling contest - celine farach lips model teen

2015 is going to be a big year for MODELLAUNCHER, that much is clear. One of the most exciting changes here at MODELLAUNCHER is a change in our marketing strategy. Due to the unfulfilled needs of the professional makeup industry, MODELLAUNCHER aspires to become the top makeup brand used by professionals in the fashion industry. You’ll never find MODELLAUNCHER products at your local grocery or drug store, but we are in negotiations with carefully selected boutiques that are interested in distributing our makeup. You can also expect us to have a brick-and-mortar MODELLAUNCHER flagship store up and running here in Miami by the end of the year! How exciting is that?

Modellauncher cosmetics - liptoxyl sheer tint lip color

In other news, we’ve released a brand new lip product! The LIPTOXYL SHEER TINT LIP COLOR is like the love-child of our FASHION FORWARD LIPSTICK and your favorite lip balm. Its rich and creamy formula is moisturizing enough to wear all day long and subtle enough to pair with a smokey eye, or to just wear underneath your lipstick! Try for yourself. Be sure to post a selfie wearing our makeup and tag us @MODELLAUNCHER and #MODELLAUNCHER for a chance to be featured on our Instagram page!

Lastly, as promised, we’ve opened auditions for our latest modeling contest: FACE OF FASHION. This contest is only for aspiring models 18 and up, but we’re offering more prizes than ever! Here’s how it works…

  • Once auditions are closed, voting will begin like any other contest
  • Contestants will advance rounds based on highest votes, just like any other contest
  • The top 32 contestants at the end will receive some kind of prize, ranging anywhere from a MODELLAUNCHER Cosmetics Gift Card to an exclusive invitation to the upcoming OCEAN DRIVE Contest. This is important because if you don’t place in the top 16, the only way to get an invitation to compete in the OCEAN DRIVE Contest is with a $50 purchase of MODELLAUNCHER Cosmetics.
  • The final winner of the OCEAN DRIVE Contest will be flown to Miami and featured as the model for a published cosmetics ad in Ocean Drive Magazine

modeling contest - celine farach model teen hippie headbandIf you’re an aspiring model, you know this is an amazing opportunity! To be published in a magazine advertisement for a real cosmetics company is a great addition to any modeling résumé, not to mention great exposure.


What are your thoughts on the latest developments at MODELLAUNCHER? Tell us in the comments below, we love hearing from you!

Modeling Contest Winner Lexa Weyes footage and FINAL FOUR from BLUSH BEAUTY are announced

PRETTY IN PINK winner Lexa Weyes Talks about her Experience with MODELLAUNCHER

“Pretty in Pink” Contest Winner Lexa Weyes tells all about her experience with MODELLAUNCHER and what it was like to win the Pretty In Pink Modeling Contest.  A San Francisco local, Lexa is only 16 years old and already has plenty of modeling experience. With long blonde locks and an infectious smile, she has the perfect look for commercial modeling. Enjoying great support from her friends and family, Lexa is off to a fine start. Be sure to get her favorite MODELLAUNCHER Cosmetics product, our Fashion Forward Lip Gloss if you want to get her look.   Check out our current modeling contests to see how you can be the next winner!



In other news, voting in the BLUSH BEAUTY Contest has closed! Congratulations to the FINAL FOUR: Adrienne Jones, Caroline Scueler, Sierra Brook, and Hanna Ljungholm. One lucky girl will be selected as the next face of a MODELLAUNCHER Cosmetics beauty campaign! While this contest was for teens only, MODELLAUNCHER always has contests available for teens and for ladies 18 and up so everyone has a fair shot.

blush beauty contest final four modeling teen

Adrienne Jones, Caroline Scueler, Sierra Brook, and Hanna Ljungholm (clockwise from top left)

The judges are deliberating and will announce the winner of our GRAND PRIZE here on MODELLAUNCHER Weekly on Wednesday February 4th.

Who would you like to see win?? Tell us in the comments below.

Modeling: How to be photogenic, no matter what you look like


Modeling Tip - grace thompson model white blondeAs a model, one of the most frustrating things I’ve heard from photographers is how hard it is working with a model who just doesn’t get it. So many people out there think that modeling is easy; all you have to do is stand there and be pretty. But nothing could be further from the truth! It is imperative that models evoke a variety of expressions, angles, and poses to be effective and successful. Furthermore, being pretty isn’t really necessary either! There are many beautiful women out there that simply don’t photograph well. On the other hand, there are plenty of world-renowned supermodels whose faces or bodies don’t conform to conventional standards of beauty (i.e. Lindsey Wixon, Lily Cole, and Lara Stone.)

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MODELLAUNCHER Launches in France! Modeling Contests Going Global


Bonjour Les Beautés,

French_AnnouncmentWe at MODELLAUNCHER are excited to announce the launch of MODELLAUNCHER France on Facebook and Instagram. Within the next few weeks, the MODELLAUNCHER website will also be replicated completely in French!
We’re very excited about this step outside of US borders as we aim to become the most globally recognizable brand in cosmetics.  We know that getting to the pinnacle of this industry is a lofty goal but with your help, and the help of vocal past winners like Emilee Miller and Lexa Weyes, we are up to the challenge!! Continue reading

Modeling: Be selective when accepting trade work


modeling trade work lexa beauty lipsThe main goal of most aspiring models is to get signed to a modeling agency that can represent them and find them paid jobs. But it is very rare that a model is signed to an agency without a portfolio of her work to show! One of the best things an aspiring model can do is to accept what is referred to in the industry as “trade” work with talented and experienced photographers and other artists.

In order to network and build her portfolio most efficiently, a model should first have a clear view of what kind of model she wants to be! This depends on a lot of things, not the least of which is her current “look.” If she’s changed her hair dramatically, she should re-evaluate what her appearance now says to the world. Continue reading