Looks we Love: Miami bloggers’ Fall outfits

Miami bloggers' fall outfits


When you live in Miami, Summer season never really ends. However, our local fashionistas manage to pull off some Fall trends in the heat. Let’s take a look at our 3 favorite Miami bloggers’ outfits of the week! (more…)

How To Choose The Right Foundation

ivana blog nov 11_005

Do you ever look at other girls’ makeup on a night out and wonder how they get their skin to look so flawless? Have you purchased several different foundations looking for the right one and ultimately end up never using them again? Well ladies, I have done my research. Here is some step-by-step assistance on how to choose the right foundation.


Thanksgiving Makeup Look

Thanksgiving Makeup Look

Do you have a big Thanksgiving dinner party to go to this year? Wondering how to do your makeup? We have gathered up all the best tips, tricks, and trends to help you achieve your Thanksgiving makeup look.


Most Glam Celebrity Halloween Costumes

celebrity halloween costumes

Are you having trouble deciding what you’d like to be for Halloween this year? Get inspired, and take a look at the most glam celebrity halloween costumes from recent years. (more…)

Halloween Makeup “Goddess Look”

A few days agos our team had the opportunity of creating a Halloween Makeup “Goddess Look” tutorial with the notorious Cristina Pilo; Miami local and talented makeup expert.
If you’re like me, you want to be able to enjoy in the fun of Halloween without having to spend a fortune on a costume that you will only wear one night, and then toss in your closet. So, Cristina demonstrated how to create a gorgeous “Goddess” costume using a few makeup products and some key accessories. Check out the video tutorial. (more…)

Looks we Love – French Fashionistas

This week, we take a look at some of the most famous french bloggers’ outfits. Let’s see how to rock the trends like these french fashionistas! (more…)

Beauty Looks of Paris Fashion Week SS16

Beauty Looks of Paris Fashion Week SS16

If you are like me, you are well aware that keeping an eye on fashion shows is a great way to see new trends in both fashion and beauty. This year was one for the books, we kept our eyes on all the fashion shows to spot the beauty looks of Paris Fashion Week SS16, and here’s what we learned about the upcoming beauty trends.

Like a Pro: Top Notch Makeup Schools in Ukraine

ukraine make up schools


Ukrainian makeup artists have been winning international contests for years, which is a clear sign of their talent. However, talent is not the only thing that matters when it comes to makeup, the level of the artist’s skill is just as important. One needs to learn the art of applying cosmetics, so quite often it’s the school that either makes or breaks you.


Looks we Love – Fall fashion style

Fall fashion style

What’s in for Fall? Get some inspiration from our favorite fashion bloggers and update your look with the top trends!


3 Simple Winter Skin Care Tips

cold weather


October is finally here and the weather is gorgeously changing. If you’re like me, you are well aware that your skincare and makeup routines will change around this time of year. Cold weather is known to cause dry or itchy skin, and redness in some areas of the face. Being native to South Florida, if I even step foot in snowy weather I immediately get chapped lips and red cheeks. Here are three important tips to keep your skin looking flawless during the cooler months.


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